Social Networking Software: More Efficient and Affordable Option to Promote and Advertise Businesses

June 21, 2017

Social networking sites are believed to have been in their infancy stage during the 90s and it was only in 2002 when they’ve really started to gain popularity. This year was when the popular social networks, Friendster, was launched. A few years after, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace were introduced and have now become social networking giants that millions of people around the world are using. These days, however, instead of signing up for membership in such sites, many are getting hooked into establishing their own sites using social networking software. The software has particularly captured the interests of many businessmen.

With the huge benefits that it can provide to businesses, there is no doubt why the demand for this type of software continues to grow. Fortunately though, this software is not hard to find with all the different vendors currently available online. It’s just a matter of knowing and evaluating the features and functionalities being offered as well as the cost.

Among the biggest advantages that many of today’s social networking software have are customize options. Through these options, users are able to use their own colors, designs, and fonts for the site. Users have full control as to how they want their sites to look like or how and where the navigation tools should be situated. The more users are able to customize their sites, the more they’re able to gather customers.

Many of today’s software for building social networks also provide users access to basic and essential tools, such as instant messaging and multimedia sharing, as well as advanced and exciting features like video chat, RSS feed, games, and VoIP communication. Such features all make communication between business owners and customers faster, more efficient and convenient. This is, in fact, the ultimate reason why businesses are attracted and/or considering the use of this software.

Many say that the best software is a reasonably-priced product that does not just contain basic and essential features but also the most advanced features. This, however, is not always the case. There are instances when businesses wouldn’t really find advanced features beneficial. Different businesses have different needs and these should be considered before purchasing software to build your site.

It’s not really easy to pinpoint one best software product among hundreds of them. As mentioned, different businesses have different needs and they are the only ones who can determine the best software to use for their business.

The giants in this industry have been flooded with many online business promotions. While some members may find it okay and tolerable, some are actually getting annoyed with seeing more of advertisements and promotions instead of status updates from their friends. This is really where the importance of this software comes. Such software is designed for businesses and has become an indispensable tool for online promotion and advertisement as well as for faster communication between businesses and customers.

The best part is that the social networking software is very affordable. Some may only charge a one-time payment while others may charge on a monthly basis. Either way, this software is a good investment.

Advertise Business For Free Online – 4 Strategies To Choose From

June 21, 2017

Today we will look at different ways how you can advertise business for free online. When you are just starting building your business online not everybody has a huge marketing budget to spend. The internet giant has an unbelievable advantage because there are certainly multiple FREE outlets available to take advantage of. Without further long introduction, let’s dive straight into the 4 simple strategies that you can choose from.

Facebook Advertising

As most of you know Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Are you wondering how to use this platform correctly? Facebook advertising is one of the simplest ways to advertise business for free online.

Follow these 4 steps to achieve viral exposure:

- Create a compelling profile page

- Create a Fan page with your picture and your name (for branding purposes)

- Create a Group using your name in the title

- Start adding targeted friends (20 a day) I would recommend add 10 in the morning, 5 around lunch time and 5 in the evening. The trick is to be consistent. Do it for 60 days and you will have 1200 targeted friends who are interested in what you have to say.

YouTube – Video Marketing

Whenever you create a blog post or an article you can also convert it into a video. There are millions of people who prefer watching videos rather than reading an article. So use your webcam or get a FLIP camera ready and start shooting. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can prepare a PowerPoint presentation, add some music to it and just record your voice reading the presentation. Keep in mind to be professional but don’t forget to have fun. Many people think that the video must be perfect. Get it out of your head. The more videos you make the better you will get. People will be able to relate to you much more if you are laid back and not superduper perfect. Many people think that creating videos is complicated and expensive procedure but the reality is true. If you decide to advertise business for free online video marketing should not be missing between your free marketing strategies.

Here are few simple tips to keep in mind when shooting a video:

- Make sure your lighting and sound are good

- Avoid background noises and other distractions (like pizza boxes or beer cans)

- Look professional

- Speak with confidence, don’t ramble

- Know your content, even if you need to use notes that’s OK.

- Keep it short 2 -3 min.- Most importantly: BE YOURSELF

Article Writing

Writing articles is another great longterm marketing strategy how to advertise business for free online. Start writing on topics that are closely related to your field. Whatever you learn, put it in your own words and write an article. When you start writing and putting content out there, the chances of having that content read, goes up.

Keep in mind these essential steps for article writing:

- Do keyword research

- Write your article

- Submit your article to article directories

- Bookmark your article on different bookmarking sites.

- Post them on your Facebook wall and different Facebook groups

- Don’t forget to tweet about your new content that you just created.


This great free marketing strategy that should not be overlooked. Create your own blog. My personal preference is It is very simple to use and navigate and you can add tremendous amount of helpful plugins. Once you write your blog post you can convert it to an article, you can create video out of your blog post and you can definitely submit it to different blog search engines like Technoratti for more exposure. Post it to you wall on Facebook and so on. Like by your articles.

The more content you put out there the better chances you have, that people will find your site. One crucial point is to be consistent with your marketing strategies. Depending on your time, you can choose 2 or 3 different free marketing strategies or all of them. Just remember if you treat your business like a hobby the return will be only like a hobby. As you can see you have multiple options to advertise business for free online, if you are on a tight or even zero marketing budget.